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IEEE GRIET SB has conducted Clusters on 24th March 2018. The cluster is a culture initiated by IEEE GRIET SB where the students are given a great opportunity to pace up with the trending technologies.A BASIC PYTHON session-1 was held today from 1P.M to 3P.M by one of our Exe-com members.The purpose of the BASIC PYTHON session was to make students aware of Python and its uses. The event was a success with 100% of participants commenting favorably on the experience.





IEEE GRIET SB has conducted a CS talk “HOW SAFE ARE U” on Cyber Security on 10th March 2018. The speaker was Moutan Sarkar who is a certified Advanced Cyber Forensic Expert(from CDAC ) and Access Data Mobile Examiner(Access Data). This has been a great opportunity for the students to get exposed to the field of cyber forensic with the real-time experiences of Moutan Sarkar. The event had an innovative and interactive session on Cybercrime incidents, social engineering tricks and tactics and on how to detect potential threats and what are the measures to be taken for protection. She cautioned everyone to be aware of the worm, malware, and many such viruses. There was a fun segment where we were taught to hack friend’s phones and email ids. Through live examples such as blue whale and incognito, she counseled us to be vigilant. On a whole, it was a scholarly and frolic experience.



IEEE GRIET SB was a part of the cultural event organised by SANNIHITHA centre for woman and girl children society, on the occasion of Women’s day. The team and the members present had a lot of fun interacting with the girls. We unfolded them the importance of Women’s Day. The girls were very much involved in the conversation by sharing their point of views and did an amazing job in the arts and craft session where they projected the importance of woman through their work. Their work was spellbound. It was a memorable,as well as a valuable experience.



IEEE GRIET SB conducted a WIE talk on Visualisation for success on 24th February 2018. The renowned speakers Mr.Satish Kumar and Mrs.Suneetha Lawrence shared vital information and guidelines on the orientation of memory and success.A mechanical engineer turned leading memory enhancement trainer, Mr. Satish talk about object memorizing, mind mapping accelerated learning, mental filling system and various other tips on proper orientation of memory caught everyone’s attention.A very impressive and thought processing technique was used to interact with the students to make memorizing easier. His talk motivated the students to be unique, confident and expand one’s brain capacity. After an inspiring talk, the session intertwined the students into visualizing success by the activities conducted by Mrs.Suneetha Lawrence.Revealing the simplest ways to success and outshining the necessity to meditate and seek the simplest of joys, her talk gave away the key elements for success.The event ended with a 10 min video on how to unlock one’s potential. The event gave an informative and career building tips for students.



IEEE GRIET SB conducted the Presentation on YIF(Young India Fellowship) on 2nd February 2018. The one hour session was a seminar on career guidance for the students of year-III&IV by Sasidhar Siata, Project Manager/Director of Ashoka University, Newdelhi. He started the seminar by interpreting himself and continued the talk stating the about and uses of YIF. The session was interesting and successful as he made the crowd interact and participate in the hour. His advices were very helpful for the career development and succession planning.




IEEE GRIET SB WIE AG conducted the event WIE-STAR at Ashray Akruti, an NGO for hearing impaired children on 9th January 2018. The children were motivated by showing an inspirational video of Dr. A .P. J. Abdul Kalam. A painting competition was held providing them a platform to showcase their creativity and their inclination towards learning followed by games where high competitive spirits aroused. The event saw an enthusiastic participation by the children and ended with an overwhelming response and by giving away the prizes to the winners. The entire day was revitalising and contented for the children as well as us.



IEEE GRIET SB’s Computer Society conducted a technical event “Cod-e-xpound” on 7th October 2017. The event was divided into 3 rounds which were based on C programming. Six teams with five members each participated enthusiastically. In round 1, quiz was conducted based on basics of C. In round 2, teams had to find the outputs of given programs. Two teams were qualified to the last round based on the scores, where they had to find errors in programms. The entire event was highly interesting and educative.


IMG_23281111IEEE GRIET SB WIE AG conducted WIE-STAR-2 Event at Zilla Parishad School, Nizampet for 8th standard students, on 18th September, 2017. The event started with speech about importance of Engineering Education by our Exe-com members. Later they were also given a speech about communication skills. An ice breaking session was conducted in which the 120 students were divided into 8 groups and quiz was conducted on general topics. After that, the students were given career guidance by our Exe-Com members . Later an essay writing competition was conducted on their aim in life and Engineering studies. All the winners in quiz and essay writing were given geomentry kits. Each student were given a pencil, two pens and a sweet. All the students enthusiastically took part in it. The WIE Star Event was a huge success and everyone had bright beaming smiles at the end of the day.




Rounds II and III of IEEE GRIET SB’s Annual Flagship event was held on 19th August, 2017 from 11:30 A.M to 2:00 P.M. Of the two rounds, the first was a quiz round in which participants were divided into teams and asked questions ranging from the easiest to the most exhausting. The top three teams who managed to stand first among the others paved, their way to the second round, BlindFold. 
In the end, it was Team 7 who made it to the top and grabbed the Cognitio’17 title.
Congratulations and cheers from the whole SB team.





IEEE GRIET SB conducted the first round of ROBOTICS CLUSTER on 5th August, 2017 from 12:00 P.M to 2:00 P.M. The 2hours session included introduction to the basics of Arduino followed by Coding with Arduino, an Ice-breaking session, practical applications and examples of Arduino. The program was a huge success and received a great response from the participants.







The event “Technical Talk” regarding the research papers conducted on 8th July, 2017 by IEEE GRIET SB saw a huge participation of students and was a very helpful event for all the members attended as Dr. Y. Vijayalata and Dr. V. Ayyem Pillai explained the attendees all the information regarding the research papers and how to write a good one. 

Thanks to all the participants for making it a big success.
And yes all the participants out there don’t forget the last month of submission of your research papers, it’s December! Showcase your talent and grab the award. The best one will be awarded with the best. Best of Luck.





The first round of the annual flagship event, Cognitio’17, of IEEE GRIET SB was held on 8th April 2017. The round had tricky questionnaires followed by five highly amusing and entertaining games (Blow the Balloon,Dice and Sentences,Bowl and the Ball,Flip the Bottle, and the much loved Beg Borrow Buy).









The PES of IEEE GRIET SB conducted a field trip to Straton Electricals Private Limited on 6th April 2017. The students were divided into two groups and were taken to the two units of the industry. The first unit comprised of a detailed construction of current and potential transformers where the students were given a brief idea of their uses in daily life. READ MORE





Web Cluster-1 2017 


IEEE GRIET SB’s Web Cluster-I, which was held on 23rd March 2017, was an extremely fun and interactive session. The session was organised in three parts. The first phase focused on the basics of HTML and CSS, the second session was an icebreaking session, and the third segment continued with more technical explanations pertaining to HTML and CSS.  READ MORE






Get Set Code.

Pragyna’17 is bringing to you a great opportunity to duel your fellow peers in a coding challenge, Hackathon’17.
Interested students may register themselves at the help desks set up in front of Block-III. Students may participate in teams of three or individually. READ MORE





The Student Body Meeting(SBM) was conducted by IEEE GRIET SB on January 31st, 2017 as a way of initiating the new term and welcoming all its newly joined as well as returning members. The meeting opened with a beautiful Kathak performance by one of the ExeCom members. It was followed by a brief but apt introduction about IEEE in general and then about IEEE GRIET SB. The heart of the session lay in the fun competition set for the 15 teams that had been formed. READ MORE





The Learning Crew Digs In!

The 40 students who accompanied the Power and Energy Society of IEEE GRIET SB on the field trip to Central Power Research Institute on January 27th, 2017 had a wonderful day spiked with learning and great fun. The enthusiastic bunch were taught about impulse generators, power frequency transformer testing and were given a private tour of the on campus laboratories. READ MORE