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Membership Drive

Report on “Membership Drive”

With a wave of successful technical and non-technical events, the term of 2014-2015 ended on a high note for IEEE GRIET SB pushing up the benchmark further by a considerable margin. The newly constituted Executive Committee of the SB started off the proceedings for the term of 2015-2016 with the Membership Drive. Through years the members have been the backbone of the IEEE GRIET SB and the SB has been known for conducting member centric activities. This makes the task of drawing interest of students towards the IEEE and the SB an important one. The membership drive tested not only the individual efficiencies of the new ExeCom but also tested the level of compatibility within the team. It’s also important to bring awareness among the students regarding the benefits of being a member of IEEE as it would enroute them towards the path of success.


The Membership drive for the year 2015 has been held on 13th and 14th of November, 2015 with the permission of administration. The drive was conducted in 19 classes of 6 different streams of engineering. The following schedule has been followed with success:

13th November: ME(B)  CSE(A,B,C,E)  ECE(B,C,E,F)  EEE(A)

14th November: ME(A)  CSE(D,F)  ECE(A,D)  CIVIL(A,B)  EEE(B) IT.


Firstly, students were divided into five groups and two executive committee members were assigned for each group. The executive committee members began the proceedings in the group by an interactive session to make the students feel at ease, the interactive session began with a casual self-introduction by the group members and went on with few queries by the executive committee members relating to ambition, expectations and hobbies. Once the students were at ease, a formal introduction IEEE is given covering aspects such as origin, aim, membership fee, services and benefits of IEEE. The achievements of IEEE GRIET SB such a 3rd Exemplary Student Branch and Best Branch Counsellor award in R10 and Vibrant Student Branch award at Hyderabad section level have also been mentioned to the students. Later on IEEE publications like Spectrum, The Institute and Journals were given to the students for reference. Queries regarding IEEE from students were encouraged by the executive committee members.


The Membership Drive ended by taking feedback and contact info from the students. The feedback received was encouraging as many students were interested to be a part of IEEE, which was eventually followed by a sustained number of memberships for this term. After the m