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Spreading the Word: IEEE Awareness in BVRIT

IEEE is a vast platform that caters to the various needs and wants of students, professionals and researchers alike. It provides the perfect opportunities for interaction, discussion, etc. between various students/professionals on a variety of topics pertaining to science, technology, etc. The benefits of being an IEEE member are endless. This is exactly why engineering students should be aware of this organization.
Four members of IEEE GRIET SB Exe-Com paid a visit to BVRIT on June 30th, 2016 to enlighten the third and fourth year students about the benefits of being a member of IEEE. The Exe-Com members spoke about the various opportunities that may be availed through IEEE by its members, the various competitions, magazines, scholarship opportunities, etc. The 300 member audience listened intently and enjoyed the anecdotes shared by the members throughout the presentation. They found the session highly engaging and were eager to know more.
Mission accomplished!

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