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Student Body Meeting

Carrying down the culture of conducting SBM to the new student members from the time of establishment of the SB, this year also IEEE GRIET conducted the first SBM on 29th of January, 2016 from 1:30pm to 4:00pm. Although the main objective in conducing the SBM is to inculcate networking and required technical skills to the student members, though a competition was held among the member teams it was to rage in the enthusiasm in them.


The session was started with introduction speech by K Sampath Kumar, Chairman of IEEE GRIET SB who briefed the student members about the importance of IEEE its across the world and its function in our college. This was further followed by G Naveen Reddy and D Bhargav Teja current Exe-com members who explained the attendees about member benefits. Later the Exe-com introduced themselves to the student members.










Later, the mechanism and working procedure of the task “Who Gets The Tender–The Metro Project” that has to be performed was explained by Sashank Chennam and Deekshitha Dasari, current Exe-com members. The task was to construct a train track using the given copper wire, train with the battery and cells,to design the railway arena and to write down the ways of promoting the railway project. Student members were simultaneously showed pictures and videos regarding the project.

After the completion of the tasks Dr.Y Vijayalata Branch Counsellor of IEEE GRIET SB, Dr. J Praveen mentor of PES chapter, Dr.PVS Srinivas Rao mentor of CS chapter of IEEE GRIET SB presided over the session and gave a brief talk on skills an engineer should possess and the importance of such skills in developing an elevating career. And they moved on to judgment of the finished tasks. The final judgment was based on creativity, design of the track and promotion of the project.