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Stress and lack of motivation are the main issues being faced by the students of the present competitive world. If not addressed, these problems may lead to many mishaps in near future. In order to address these issues, WIE Affinity Group-IEEE GRIET SB has organised a talk on self motivation and stress management. The speaker of the talk, Dr.Geetha Challa, is a multi-faceted personality who has played a vital role in empowering people of all ages from different sectors.  Dr.Geetha Challa, to her credit has imparted Direct and Indirect Training to more than 5 lakh high school students, 20000 unemployed youth, 20000 Teachers, 5000 Head Masters, 3000 Police Personnel and Engineers. She presently runs four counselling centres in Hyderabad.

The session began with a brief introduction of the speaker to the audience by an Exe-Com member. The speaker then briefed the attendees the details of the day’s talk before starting the session on stress management. The session was an interactive one with all the audience involved. Live examples and instances were posed to the audience, which helped in holding their interest in the talk.
Dr. Geetha Challa even presented few simple formulae and tricks to teach the audience on how to deal with stress and overcome the most common problems due to stress. She stressed on how important it is to organise and set deadlines to achieve our goals. She even taught them few simple exercises to relax our mind while handling stress.

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The session then moved on to Self-Motivation. Before beginning this session, Dr.Geetha Challa conducted few activities to the attendees and also showed a very motivating and inspiring video of all the great personalities of the world and the struggles faced by them before achieving success. She even demonstrated ‘Neurobics’, a kind of exercise for the brain. She provided apt examples to demonstrate everyday scenarios and the importance of self motivation to face them. She perfectly conveyed the necessity of motivation for every individual in every phrase of life.

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Towards the end of the session, the speaker gave away few stickers to the attendees which had the ‘Secrets to Success’. The Branch counselor of IEEE GRIET SB, Dr.Y.Vijayalata, then presented a memento of appreciation to Dr.Geetha Challa for being instrumental in motivating and inspiring the students.

The talk ended on a high note with a positive feedback from the audience.