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WIE Gallery

“Art is a sublime expression of noble thought and soulful mind .”

Pragnya’14 in association with WIE-AG IEEE GRIET SB presented an ART GALLERY held in GRIET campus on the 18th of October .The Gallery opened at 12:00 pm  ,where in students from various colleges  brought in their authentic artistry to display. The gallery exhibited an exquisite collection and was imaginatively laid out. The gallery served not only as an exhibition space but also as a meeting point for artists, students and simply art-lovers. There were some outstanding paintings at display, such as “The Titanic”, ”Johnny Depp” which kept the viewers mesmerized. The volunteers were attentive and friendly.The viewers genuinely enjoyed looking at the art work and spent more time than they envisaged. The gallery closed at 2:00 pm.The event turned out to be a huge success.