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WIE Star Program

Date                            : 3rd; 6th ; 16th August, 2012

Venue                         : Zilla Parishad High School, Nizampet, Hyderabad.

An initiative by IEEE GRIET SB to educate the government school students about the basics of computers, electronics, communication etc., and update them with various developments in technology such as robotics.

The WIE Members of IEEE GRIET SB has undertaken the ZHPS, Nizampet to conduct the Star Program. The program is divided into 8 sessions. Each session consists of 3 tasks which are completed in 3 hrs. 8 volunteers take up each session and make sure that they interact with every student. The schedule is as given below.


Task one Task two
1st star program Awareness on electronic equipment Career building
2nd star program Generating electricity with activities Communication skills
3rd star program Computer introduction Time management
4th star program Water rocketry Career building
5th star program Windmill Communication skills
6th star program Manual robotics Time management
7th star program Computer basics (operating system ,software) Communication skills
8th star program Robotics Career building

Task 3: E-learning.

Each star program consists of three tasks and will be for 3 hours.
Task two: 30 minutes
Task three: 30 minutes

The STAR programme is an initiative by the IEEE to educate the students about the basics of technology and update them about the development of the technologies around the world. The STAR programme is a series of sessions

The second session of the STAR was conducted on aug 9.During this session a review of previous session was done to know how good the students understood the matter.The basics of electronics was thought and students were shown various basic electronic devices such as capacitors,resistors,circuit wires etc.The students were taught about alternate energy sources such as windmill .The students were shown how to make a windmill using a cardboard sheet.Each students was given materials required  to make the windmill(ice cream sticks,cardboard sheets ,fevicol,shafts etc)and each volunteer was assigned with 9 students to guide them .At the end of the session the students were told about the importance of time management!

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